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Clauss 10" Bent Trimmer - SureSet, Dub Points, Adjustable

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The Clauss 10" Adjustable Dub Pointed Bent Trimmer boasts both strength and versatility with its hot forged construction, perfectly balancing them for maximum cutting application across a wide range of tasks. Featuring a SureSet Premium Adjustable Pivot, wide, knife edge body blades, and full chrome over nickel double-plating, you can enjoy superior cutting action and unmatched stress reduction regardless of the task at hand. In other words, the 10" Adjustable Dub Pointed Bent Trimmer would make a fine addition to any workshop, household, craft drawer, or office.
  • Dub Points
  • SureSet Premium Adjustable Pivot
  • Wide Body Blades
  • Knife Edges for superior cutting action and stress reduction
  • Hot Forged
  • Thru-hardened and fully double-plated chrome over nickel
  • Bent
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