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Clauss 10" Titanum Non Stick Shear, Diamond Plate Handle

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The Clauss Titanium Non Stick Shears collection boasts some of our most secure handling and diversely applicable shears available. Complete with full tang construction, wide blades, large bows, and iconic diamond plate handles, these shears are true cutting powerhouses for any task. The wide, non-stick blades provide enhanced cutting power due to their increased surface area and weight, which is further supplemented by their full tang construction. The diamond plate handles the full tang runs through also provide extra grip thanks to the raised diamond plate pattern. Paired with their extra large profile, the leverage afforded by the handles alone are exceptional. This also means you can wear heavy duty gloves and still make use of these robust non stick shears, further increasing their application potential where smaller shears come up short. All in all, if you need a reliable, durable, and versatile shear for your workshop, office, or household, look no further than the Clauss Titanium Non Stick Shears collection.

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