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Clauss 12.5" Bent Trimmer - Extra Heavy Duty

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The Clauss 12.5" Extra Heavy Duty Bent Trimmers are one of several cutting juggernauts among our vast line of shears, scissors, and trimmers. Featuring colossal Stainless Steel blades and handles with stalwart, enduring edges, you can make the most powerful cuts with the utmost precision. The bent construction also allows for enhanced precision when making curved or angled cuts, affording the best of both cuttable material and angular cutting breadth. All in all, the 12.5" Extra Heavy Duty Bent Trimmers are for the toughest cutting tasks when strength is of paramount importance, rounding out any workbench or craft drawer with their commanding presence and function.
  • Heavy-duty Shear with thick Stainless Steel blades
  • Long-lasting edges will withstand long term use
  • Bent construction
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