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Clauss 3.5" Gold-Line Scissor - Stork Bows

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The Clauss Gold-Line scissors feature the most exquisite designs and overall constructions out of all Clauss scissors, shears, and snips. Boasting 24K gold-plated bows and shanks made of fine, grade cutlery steel the material composition is of the utmost quality and elegance. Also featuring thin, needle sharp points, you can handily execute delicate cutting and trimming tasks without damaging the material. Ideal for monogram work, applique, and intricate trimming, the Gold-Line scissors are as functional as they are graceful. These scissors feature the Stork Bow design, and like all Gold-Line scissors, they are of heirloom quality.

  • 24K gold-plated bows and shanks of fine grade cutlery steel
  • Thin, needle sharp points
  • Perfect for monogram work, applique, and intricate trimming
  • Stork Bows
  • Heirloom quality
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