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Clauss 7'' Heavy Duty, Hot Forged Wire Cutters

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The Clauss 7” heavy duty, hot forged wire cutter is a portable powerhouse when it comes to cutting tasks. Featuring a sturdy vinyl grip, superior hardened edges, and action spring for problem-free wire cutting, the 7” heavy duty, hot forged wire cutter will slice through the toughest wire. The construction and design of the wire cutter is so robust that it can even make short work of non-uniform grades of drawn steel. In other words, between its strength and versatility, the 7” heavy duty, hot forged wire cutter is a tremendous asset for tradesmen and craftsmen alike.

  • Heavy Duty
  • Hot Forged
  • Superior Hardened Edges
  • Action Spring
  • Slices through the toughest wire
  • Vinyl handles
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