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Clauss 8" Stainless Steel Wavy-Blade Bent Shears

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The Clauss 8" Stainless Steel Wavy-Blade Shears are designed to apply their powerful abilities and sure-fire precision across a wide range of cutting tasks. Featuring a specialized, serrated blade profile, these shears are perfect for gripping and cutting stems, wire, and various other substrates and materials. In other words, once you have the material that needs to be cut within the grasp of the shear blades, the serration combined with the wavy design will hold it in place for a strong, clean cut every time. To push the versatility even further, the lower bow is also generously sized to accommodate gloved hand. This way, you can wield the might of the Wavy-Blade shears in more hazardous environments as well without compromising their performance in any way.

  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Serrated Wavy-Blades Grip and Cut
  • Comfortable large lower bow
  • Red handles
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